Elisa Penido




I'm currently a freelance brand designer working mainly on brand identities and art direction.

Everything started on my last year of Law School, in 2013, when I decided to switch ON my real interests.

While finishing up boring Law School in Brazil I applied to the Design program at Miami Ad School and started building new basics to almost everything. Yes, it was challenging. And amazing. By the end of the first year I was pretty happy to take a junior designer position at Interbrand/Sao Paulo, where I met some inspiring people and started falling in love with branding through a brand consistency project for VALE, the biggest natural resources company in Brazil. In 2015 I found my way to Germany, specifically to beautiful Hamburg, where I immersed even more into branding and also packaging design.

After 4 years living and working in Hamburg, I'm happy with the experience I've gained: I was lucky enough to have worked with great people on projects for brands such as ADIDAS, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (concert hall/opera house), CDU (Angela Merkel's Party), 2019 World's Handball Championship and, among others, the Germany's candidacy to host the EURO UEFA 2024. 

In 2019 I decided to return to São Paulo and grow some more roots at home. Currently I'm a freelance brand designer working mainly on brand identity projects and art direction.


Say hello: elisapenido@gmail.com