Elisa Penido




I'm currently a freelance brand designer working mainly on brand identities, art direction and UI design.

Everything started on my last year of Law School, in 2013, when I decided to switch ON my real interests.

While finishing up Law School in Brazil I applied to the Design program at Miami Ad School and started building new basics to almost everything. Yes, it was challenging. And amazing. By the end of the first year I was pretty happy to take a junior designer position at Interbrand/Sao Paulo, where I started falling in love with branding through a brand consistency project for VALE, the biggest natural resources company in Brazil. In 2015 I found my way to Germany, specifically to beautiful Hamburg, where I immersed even more into brand design, brand experience and art direction.

After 4 years living and working in Hamburg I'm happy with the experience I've gained: I was lucky enough to have worked with great inspiring people on projects for brands such as ADIDAS, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (concert hall/opera house), CDU (Angela Merkel's Party), 2019 World's Handball Championship and, among others, the Germany's candidacy to host the EURO UEFA 2024. 

These intense years working in Germany allowed me to be a part of great teams involved in incredible projects, with which we also won a couple of prizes in 2017 and 2018: 1 Bronze Cannes Lion and 9 german ADC awards for the Elbphilharmonie’s opening campaign, brand communication and branded entertainment; as well as 4 german ADC awards for CDU's “Walk-In Campaign” spatial design, communication and promotion.

In 2019 I decided to return to São Paulo and grow some more roots at home. Currently I'm a freelance brand designer working mainly on brand identities, art direction and UI design for brands such as Netflix, Natura and Avon.


Say hello: elisapenido@gmail.com